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Project-Based Learning

Urban Discovery Schools takes a project-based learning (PBL) approach that engages students of all ages in real-world challenges. This focus encourages students to make personal connections to their lessons and naturally illuminates relevance on a local and global level.
PBL help students recognize the WHY in their lessons, connecting learning to life. This emphasis is a key factor in helping kids develop a sense of purpose and passion that lasts for a lifetime. Urban Discovery's unique blend of PBL and technology has produced award-winning results that consistently exceed student outcome goals:
  • 100% of Urban Discovery students complete internships
  • 95% of Urban Discovery students graduate 
  • 92% of Urban Discovery continue on to college or university
Urban Discovery hosts three annual Exhibitions for students of all ages that showcase student projects and current areas of focus to community leaders. Exhibitions are open to the public, and offer families deeper insight to each student's progress.