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Shawn Loescher, Chief Executive Officer  (sloescher@ideatehighacademy.com)
Chloe Medina, UDA Principal (cmedina@urbandiscoveryacademy.com)
Aliya Weise, SAC President & Parent (aweise@sandi.net)
Michelle Dion-Bernier, UDA Teacher (md-b@urbandiscoveryacademy.com)
TBD, UDA Teacher 
TBD, IDEATE Teacher (askelley@ideatehighacademy.com)
Sarah Goehring, Parent (goehringsarah@gmail.com)
Leslie Holt, Parent (leslieholt@outlook.com)





Shawn Loescher, SAC Member, Chief Executive Officer.

Shawn T. Loescher has over 25 years of professional experience. He began his career as an educator as a teacher’s aide at the age of 17—a path that led to P/K-12 teaching, adjunct professorship, administrative work, and cabinet level school district leadership in a diverse group of settings, schools, and education systems domestically and abroad. He has been a presenter to the California Senate Education Committee on the topic of career readiness and post-secondary preparedness. He has served as a member of think tank groups and special committees such as the International Center for Leadership in Education committee on Core Curriculum and Career Technical Education. He specializes in personalized educational experience for secondary students, integrated academics, arts infusion, Design Thinking in education, and secondary school redesign.


Chloe Medina, SAC Member & UDA Principal

Originally from San Francisco, Ms. Medina first moved to San Diego to attend SDSU, studying History and Political Science. She later returned to Northern California in 2004 to pursue graduate studies at UCSC in the History of Consciousness. She has two teaching credentials from Dominican University of California, in Social Science and Special Education. In 2007, she took on the role of Education Specialist at a high school in San Francisco, and then spent 10 years working in the high school setting in a variety of roles. Just prior to joining the team at Urban Discovery Academy, Ms. Medina held the position of Program Coordinator for Peer Resources which focuses on empowering students to become leaders and agents of change in their schools and communities.

Aliya Weise, SAC President & Parent

Aliya Weise has worked in education in several different positions for many years. From classes in English Language Development at Montgomery Middle School in Linda Vista, to freshman-level composition at The George Washington University in DC, he has direct experience teaching diverse curricula intended to prepare our children for college and career. Similarly, from volunteer positions with parent-teacher networks, to positions on Instructional Leadership Teams, Mr. Weise is skilled with the standards, strictures, and bureaucracies of public education. Currently, he teaches at San Diego High School and is completing his doctoral dissertation.