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Content and Permissions

The library classifies fiction based on broad age group recommendations, and we encourage parents to let us know which types of books your child is permitted to check out. We base our age recommendations on sites like commonsensemedia.org or by comparing with similar books. The age recommendations should be considered a rough guideline and subjective.


The classifications are:

  • Picture Books (PB): all picture books
  • E 1-2 / J 3-4 (Early Readers Levels 1-4): ages 5 to 7+
  • Juvenile Fiction (J FIC): ages 8 to 11+
  • Graphic Novels (GN): ages 5 to 11+
  • Teen/Young Adult Fiction (YA FIC): ages 12 to 13+
  • Young Adult Graphic Novels (YA GN): ages 12+
  • Young Adult Fiction Restricted (YA FIC REST): ages 14+
  • Fiction (FIC): classics such as Salinger, Hemingway, Twain, Lee

You can let us know which categories your child should have access to using this form. If you submitted the form last year, we still have it on file. You can re-submit the form if you ever need to change your selections.


Until we receive your form, we will assign these permissions by default:



Young Adult Fiction or

Graphic Novel

Young Adult Restricted

All Others

T/K - 5th










The library needs your help! Even if you can only come in one time, or occasionally have a free half-hour during pick-up - we have something for you. Some example library tasks include:

  • Shelving books
  • Straightening and organizing
  • Checking in
  • Checking out
  • Adding new books

If you’re interested in helping out, please contact us at library@urbandiscoveryacademy.com. We’ll work with your schedule and train you in whatever areas interest you.