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Parent Resources

Welcome to Urban Discovery Academy!
Below is a copy of UDA's School Handbook. We hope the handbook serves as a helpful overview of our school and a reference to our school policies and procedures. It is your responsibility as a family to adhere to the expectations of the school handbook; please review each year as changes are made over summer.
17-18 UDA Student/Parent Handbook
Back to School Forms
The following forms will be collected at the beginning of the school year or at the start of your enrollment with UDA.

- Disaster Release / Autorización en caso de desastre

- Handbook Signature Page

- Home Technology Survey / Encuesta De La Tecnología En Casa

- Pick-Up Authorization / Formulario De Autorización Para Recoger A Los Estudiantes

- Student Information Sheet / Hoja De Información Del Estudiante

- Walking Field Trip Permission /   Autorización Para La Participación Del Estudiante Excursión O Actividad

Project-Based Learning
UDA is a project-based learning school which emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and design-thinking. Project-based learning can be a unique experience for families. The following resources should be helpful in understanding our overall approach in classrooms.
Project Based Learning

Other Academic Resources
At UDA, we believe high quality interdisciplinary project-based instruction routed in the state standards will help students not only perform in their core subjects, but also develop their critical thinking skills in more meaningful ways. We value the results of standards-based diagnostics to help monitor student performance. Each year, our students take the Smarter Balanced Assessment in English Language Arts and Mathematics (state exam in May). You can help your student prepare for this exam at home through online practice tests. Our students also take the NWEA Map Test three times per year, to help teachers modify instruction to best meet student needs in ELA and Math. For information about these exams, please see the following:
- NWEA Overview

How to get Involved
At UDA, we expect parents to contribute to our community in any way they can. We hope parents can give at least 20 hours of their time throughout each school year. There are many ways to volunteer; please see the UDA Network page for some opportunities to be involved. For information on how to become a volunteer with UDA, please refer to our volunteer requirements.

Classroom Participation
Sometimes there are opportunities to participate in the classroom or to volunteer for field trips. To volunteer in the classroom or as a chaperone on a field trip, you must complete the volunteer requirements.