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¡Hola a todos! Me llamo Señora Kennedy.
I'm so excited to spend another year with all of you. This is my fourth year at UDA and my tenth year teaching! 
A little bit about me:
I grew up in a small town in Michigan, in a very big family. I am not a native Spanish speaker - I started learning Spanish in high school and enjoyed it so much that I decided that I wanted to help others learn it, too. My favorite part of knowing more than one language is that it has connected me to people and places in the world that I never would have imagined otherwise. Currently I am trying to learn Arabic as my third language. We'll see what comes next!
I have been teaching since 2008. I taught K-8 Spanish in Detroit, and a few years ago I also got a Fulbright grant for one year in Spain. That means I got to live in Spain for a year, teaching English, speaking lots of Spanish, and getting an in-depth look at the Spanish language and culture. (I also got to spend a summer walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago - about 300 miles.) More recently, I made another big trip: I moved across the country to San Diego to teach Spanish here at UDA!
Learning about new languages and cultures is very important to me. I believe that making connections and forming positive relationships with people - especially people different from ourselves - is a way to change the violence, misunderstandings, and injustice that we often encounter in our country and our world. Here in San Diego, almost a quarter of the population speaks Spanish, which makes the Spanish language a crucial way to participate in our local community.
I live with my husband and mi gato. I also volunteer with Youth for Understanding (mentoring exchange students from around the world.) In my free time, I spend time on grading your creative projects, activism, writing, photography, dancing, sleeping, spending time outside, drinking coffee, and telling cheesy jokes.
I'm on twitter @kennedyspanish (where I try to share photos of the stuff we are doing in class!) and I have lots of resources on my weebly website: kennedyspanish.weebly.com. You can reach me at skennedy@urbansd.com or with the contact link on this page!
Need some individual help? Come see me:
  • Tuesday & Friday during 6th/7th grade lunch (11:50-12:35)
  • Tuesdays after school (3:30-4:30pm)
  • Before school by appointment!


Recent Posts

Ramón Preocupón

In 3rd grade we read a book called Ramón Preocupón about a very worried boy and how his family made him feel better.
We followed up by making some worry dolls and hiding them in the classroom... we'll see what happens next! 
Quizizz is a site for fun review games (like Kahoot, but you can play on your own instead of just with the whole class!)
I've created a Quizizz to practice clothing, colors, and noun/adjective agreement. (For example, la camisa roja and los pantalones rojos.) This is a new skill we are learning in 3rd, and one that we are reviewing in 4th & 5th!
Go to join.quizizz.com and use game code 10235 to play!
(We have also been using dice to create some pretty crazy people!)
7th grade has a student exhibition coming up! Students have been working on cross-curricular advertising projects in English, History, Spanish, & Math classes. Come join us as they show off their hard work!
Proyecto: Mi Lotería Personal
In 6th grade we just started a project that combines the traditional Mexican Lotería game with the language skills we have been learning in class! After playing the game in class, students have been looking at a collection of creative Lotería decks (both historical and contemporary) to learn and review words in Spanish, and to learn about the rules for the gender of nouns in Spanish in a hands-on way. After seeing these creative examples, students will create their own version that shares information about themselves, using the Spanish skills we have been learning so far this year. For most students, this will include descriptions of themselves and their likes and dislikes. For native speakers, we will include accents and stressed syllables, which they have been practicing recently.
It's been a lot of fun so far to play Lotería in class and to see all the creative versions, from the traditional Don Clemente versions you can buy in most Mexican grocery stores to the more recent Space Lotería by Chepo Peña. I can't wait to see what our creative students come up with themselves!
Check out the project overview here with more information, links, and resources: tiny.cc/proyecto-loteria-6. We will be beginning a rough draft to turn in before Spring Break. All project due dates will be posted on our homework calendar
En la clase de español, acabamos de empezar un proyecto con la Lotería Mexicana. Después de jugar la Lotería en la clase, los estudiantes han usado una variedad de Loterías históricas y modernas para repasar y aprender palabras en español y explorar las reglas para el género de los sustantivos en español por una manera interactiva. Después de examinar estos ejemplos de loterías creativas, cada estudiante creará su propia versión que comunica información personal, usando las palabras y la gramática que estamos practicando en la clase. (Para todos los alumnos, nos enfocamos en describir actividades y gustos. Para los hablantes nativos del español, nos enfocamos en las sílabas tónicas y la acentuación.)
Nos hemos divertido con el juego de Lotería en la clase y la exploración de Loterías creativas (de las versiones tradicionales de Don Clemente hasta la nueva Space Lotería de Chepo Peña.) ¡Espero con anticipación ver las Loterías creativas de nuestros estudiantes!
Aquí hay el enlace para una descripción y todos los recursos que corresponden al proyecto: tiny.cc/proyecto-loteria-6. Vamos a empezar una copia borrador para entregar antes que las vacaciones de Primavera. Como siempre, las fechas de entrega están en nuestro calendario de tarea.

Proyecto: Caprichos Modernos

Queridas familias,
Me alegre compartir nuestro proyecto nuevo que vamos a empezar esta semana. Es un proyecto que conecta el español, el inglés, la historia y el arte. Al final vamos a presentar los productos finales en una exposición al final de marzo (antes de nuestras vacaciones de Primavera.) 
Más detalles:
Es posible que nuestros estudiantes no pueden imaginar que hacen sus maestros durante de los miércoles, después de los estudiantes salen al mediodía. Tenemos varias actividades del aprendizaje profesional, y en las ultimas meses hemos pasado muchas horas planeando proyectos juntos. Ahora me emociona la oportunidad de compartir estos proyectos con ustedes, y a ver lo que producen nuestros estudiantes creativos. 
Como vamos a explorar varios mensajes en español (de anuncios comerciales hasta arte callejero) siempre busco más ejemplos y recomendaciones de anuncios, artistas, o grupos favoritos que comparten sus mensajes en español.... especialmente aquí en San Diego.
Como siempre, estoy disponible para cualquier pregunta o comentario.
Dear families,
I'm excited to start our 7th grade cross-curricular project this week. It is a project that will connect Spanish, English, History, Math and Art, and will culminate in a exposition at the end of March (before Spring break.) Check out the details below!
You might wonder what teachers do on our Wednesday half days each week. We have all kinds of professional learning on Wednesdays, but recently we've been doing some intense project planning. I'm so excited to share the results with our students and families, and to see what our creative students come up with!
Since we will be exploring a variety of messages in Spanish (from commercials and marketing campaigns to street art) I am always looking for more recommendations of favorite Spanish commercials or artists who communicate in Spanish, especially locally in San Diego. Please feel free to share!
As always, I am available for any questions or concerns!

Our butterflies we made at the beginning of the year have arrived safely in Mexico! This week we will be learning about the schools where they ended up, and perhaps even catching a glimpse of our butterflies in the hands of the Mexican students. 
We are also learning about what a typical day might be like in that region of Mexico, with this slideshow and a printed e-book. This is a chance to practice our reading skills in Spanish, and to compare our daily lives at UDA to the lives of the school children we've connected with through the Journey North project.
¡Cartas de Sevilla!
It was an exciting week in 7th & 8th grade, as we finally got a response from our pen pals in Spain! Students are working on responses now, so we can send off the next batch of letters next week.

Proyecto: Rimas Pegajosas

In 8th grade we just started a project that will explore and share rhymes, songs, and games in Spanish.
Check out the project overview here! 

Acitrón de un fandango

Here's a circle game we tried in 5th grade last week! It's a bit challenging, especially for people like me who are more "word smart" than "body smart." (Don't know what kind of "Smart" you are? Here's the quiz we took a few weeks ago.)
See videos of this game in action and learn more about the history and meaning of this rhyme at Mama Lisa's site (which also has a lot of other rhymes, songs, and games from around the world.)

Tarea de febrero (February homework)

During the 2nd semester I'm introducing monthly homework options in 5th grade! Those of you who stopped by during our recent Middle School Information night may have gotten a preview. I have been using a similar format in middle school this year, and it has been a great way to give kids lots of options for practice, regardless of levels and interests. 
To learn a new language, practice outside the classroom is important. I am trying to help develop students' skills as independent language learners, and some of that includes figuring out ways to practice that are just right for each person! We also took the Birmingham Grid for Learning test to find out what kind of "Smart" we were, and hopefully that information can help students explore effective ways to practice and explore.
This week I gave students a paper in class this week with activity options for February. There are two sets of options. (I gave each student both, so they can choose what is right for them.) Click below to see a copy of these options! Each activity has a description and instructions. Some of them require you to write down information, or attach some other kind of proof. 
Students should complete at least 1 activity each week (4 for the whole month.) For the first week, we had a chance to try out some of these activities in class. Some favorites were Free Rice, Duolingo, and independent reading from my collection of Spanish books. Students should complete other activities at home and keep track of what they have done with the homework paper. All evidence will be turned in at the end of the month.
Parents, please look over the options and help your child pick something that is just right for their language level, interests, and access to resources! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for new activities to add to our options next month. 

Mensajes del Agua

In 4th and 5th grade we are using the song Mensajes del Agua (by Macaco) to practice some reading in Spanish (of the lyrics and of a short biography of the artist) and to talk about the message of the song: We are a "sea of people," different but equal. We examined some similarities and differences between our school and a school in Spain through watching this great lip dub music video version by Colegio El Chaparral.
(It turns out that this was the perfect week for a song about water, too!)
Here are some of the activities we have been doing in class: