Photo Club Trimester 3

If you signed up for this trimester's photography club, I sent out a confirmation email to all students and parents! If you did not get this confirmation, please let me know. If you have changed your mind about participating, also please let me know - the club is full and there are others interested, so if you do not want your spot I can pass it on to someone else!
Our first meeting will be on April 4th, the Tuesday after Spring break. See all details and our schedule here.
A few updates and reminders:
  • SeeSaw: We are sharing our photos using this app that allows us to easily and safely share our learning. For new members of the club, I will send home paper instructions and codes the first week. Parents can sign up to see everything their child has shared, and we'll all share some photos publically on our blog:
  • Cameras & Devices: If students would like to bring their own camera or device for taking photos, feel free to give it to me on Tuesday morning and I can lock it in my office until the club time. 
  • Attendance: Please let me know if you will not be able to attend or if you will be picked up early. This helps with planning, especially if we will be taking photos off campus. If you stop attending regularly, there are quite a few other students who would like to be in the club and I can pass on your spot to someone else. 
  • Pick up time: Please remember that our club is finished at 4:45pm. I am delighted to stay after school and donate my time for this club, but I do eventually need to go home or to other commitments. 
  • Snacks: Although snacks are not provided, students are welcome to bring a snack to eat during the beginning of our club. 
  • Volunteers: If parents are willing to come and help out or to walk with us on a walking field trip, please let me know. We'd love to have you!
  • Donor's Choose: I have created a project on Donor's Choose for our club, if you would like to share with family and friends! We have been focusing on free digital resources and using the devices we have access to, but this will allow us to get a few more cameras and supplies to mat, print and present our photos
As always, I am available for any questions and concerns. Thank you for being part of our club! Have a great break, and see you on the 4th!