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Proyecto: Textos Pegajosos (8º)

Preguntas Principales:

  • ¿Cómo aprendo? ¿Cómo me comunico?
  • ¿Cuáles textos quiero usar y compartir?
How often do song lyrics stick in your head? What books do you remember from childhood?  What rhymes help you remember important information? Finding texts that stick with you and communicating with others are both important for meaningful language learning. On your own or with a group, you will be choosing an authentic text from a Spanish speaking culture. This could be a song, a rhyme, a poem, or a book - something meaningful to you and appropriate for your level. You will choose a language goal for yourself, plan how to share that text with your chosen audience, and most importantly identify and hone your skills as an independent language learner as you get ready to move on to high school.
See an overview, dates, and resources for our final project below (or on Google Classroom!)
(The photo is of some of last year's 8th graders teaching 1st grade a song as part of this project.)
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