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Class Zone: Resources for ¡Avancemos! Curriculum Online resources for our 6th-8th grade Spanish textbook.
Duolingo This might be as effective as taking a university level language course... learn language in small pieces, and level up like in a video game. Here are some instructions for signing up and sharing your progress with me (so you can get credit for practicing!)
FreeRice Practice your vocabulary and help fight world hunger at the same time! To select Spanish click "Subjects" at the top of the page. You can create an account if you want to save your progress, but either way every correct answer donates to combat world hunger!
Google Classroom Middle school assignments will be here. Please sign in with your UDA account to access your class information.
KennedySpanish.weebly.com (My website) Games, practice resources, and more!
Lyrics Training Learn Spanish (or other languages) through music! Try the Karaoke option, or challenge yourself with the listening quizzes.
Request to Reassess Need to retake a vocabulary quiz? Contact me or use this link to request a reassessment time!
SpanishListening.org Self-paced learning through Spanish videos.
Word Reference My favorite online dictionary!