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Food and Nutrition

Our schools are committed to equitable access to food and nutrition that is delivered with integrity and sustainability. We strive to ensure that every student has access to the food and nutrition they need as a prerequisite for learning. We follow FDA guidelines for food and nutrition. We also partner with service providers to ensure that our food and nutrition services are based upon sustainable practices.
All students should pack a balanced lunch or make arrangements in advance with the school’s contracted hot lunch program (information available in the main office or on the UDS website). You will have the opportunity to complete a “Free and Reduced” qualifying form at the beginning of the school year to determine whether you qualify for a reduced price meal (see Education Code section 47613.5). Please complete the online form or turn a hard copy into the main office. This will determine your qualification status and inform the contracted school lunch company. Students are not to share personal food items with one another due to student allergies, family preferences, and health general precautions.
Urban Discovery Schools is now accepting Free/Reduced meal applications online! Please click on the image below or visit www.mymealtime.com/apps to apply. To apply, simply set up an account at mymealtime.com/apps. You will need your student's first name and ID number (please reach out to your student's school if you need this information). It is FREE to sign up and apply. Families may submit a new application online at any point in time through the school year, and as often as needed. For step-by-step instructions to complete the online application, check out the Parent Guide below. 
UDS currently partners with Top Notch Catering to provide nutritious, kid-friendly lunches. Special diets and/or food allergies can be accommodated.

To order a hot lunch for your child, first create an account with Top Notch. User accounts from last year do not carry over, so all parents must register for the 2019-2020 year. To register, click on “Order Online Today” from the homepage, then select “Register.” On this page, you will need to enter the password for UDA, which is URA6 . Upon entering the password, you will be able to complete the registration process by creating your own username and password. Families that meet the free or reduced qualification will receive discounted Top Notch lunches. The discount will be automatically applied to each order. Please see the office for the form. 


Online orders must be placed by 12pm on the day before the lunch delivery. Top Notch can not supply lunches requested after this deadline. Please email lunch@topncatering.com or call 619-971-4524 if you have any questions.

In support of national wellness, we encourage families to provide students with a healthy snack in addition to lunch during the school day. We ask parents to provide healthy snack options for your child/children and not pack or send soda, gum or candy to school. For students that cannot afford a healthy snack, our schools will make one available (Education Code section 47613.5). Students are not to share personal food items with other students at school due to the possibility of student allergies, medical concerns, family preferences, and other precautions.
Our schools will provide chilled, purified water to all students. In order to reduce waste and help our environment, we ask that all students bring a reusable bottle to use with our dispensers. During COVID-19 or other widespread health advisory, students should bring their own full water bottle to school.
Urban Discovery Schools strives to promote a healthy lifestyle for all of our students. Additionally, we are sensitive to student allergies and other parental preferences around diet and nutrition. Accordingly, we request that in school celebrations not include food without the explicit written permission of the Principal and the Manager for Facilities.