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UDA as a Community School

Community Collaborative Meetings (our Community Schools Steering Committee)
Community Schools Info
California Community Schools Partnership Program Grant Info
Since UDA has always formally embraced the vision and capacity building strategies of the CA community schools program, we are formally applying to become a CA Community School and will learn about the status of our grant application by the end of May 2024. Our grant application describing our vision and plans will be linked here in mid February.
UDA Commitments as a Community School
Urban Discovery Academy proudly serves our stakeholders as a community school, embracing the following values in all we do: 
     Racially-just, relationship centered spaces: 
  • UDA is inherently focused on relationships. We bring people together authentically to share learning experiences and leadership, embracing diverse cultures, perspectives and strengths. 
  • We work with our students, families, faculty, staff and community partners to build collaborative spaces that support and sustain learning and growth for all. 
     Shared power: 
  • UDA believes that our school belongs to all of us. We are a demographic space where shared ownership, engagement, and decision-making is a collaborative process. 
  • We want our community to share their collective wisdom and expertise with our leadership team as we build a democrative, inclusive and empowering environment for our students, families, staff and the greater community.
     Classroom-community connections:
  • Our curriculum teaches critical skills while connecting students to the world around them.
  • We belief in the spirit of reconstructivism and utilize interdicsiplinary, real-world learning experiences to help students connect their learning to the notion that we can work to continually our community.
  • We strive to engage the students in solving real world problems by extending learning beyond the classroom walls, using the real world as a context for learning, and encouraging civic engagement. 
     Focus on continuous improvement.
  • We lead our stakeholders in an ongoing cycle of reflection, data analysis, shared learning, and revision to focus on improving student learningand ensure our community is valued, engaged and empowered. 
  • We utilize data as an opportunity and tool for our community to learn and grow together.