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Student Experience

Urban Discovery Schools is passionate about providing an integrated, experiential education for every student. We recognize that when it comes to learning, there is no 'one size fits all.' Our flexible, responsive learning experiences consistently result in high engagement by connecting subjects and projects with real-world experience. Our culture is missional in nature and values-led, laying a proven foundation that encourages kids to pursue their interests and lean into individual missionality.
Learn more about the hallmarks of the Urban Discovery Student Experience:
The academic philosophy of Urban Discovery Schools is rooted in educational philosophy of reconstructivism, the disposition and belief that together we can create a more just, ardent, and ideal future together. To this support this philosophy, we foster learning environments where our students consistently achieve our Urban Discovery learner outcomes. LEARN MORE
Urban Discovery Students Our students engage with Design Thinking principles on a daily basis and across the curriculum, both in the IDEATE Lab and in their classrooms. Design Thinking is taught, applied, and explored through design challenges, integrated projects that require real-world problem-solving, and independent exploration. This philosophy embeds, promotes and enables all students to achieve the objective to become self-motivated, socially responsible, competent and lifelong learners. LEARN MORE
Urban Discovery Schools takes a project-based learning (PBL) approach that engages students of all ages in real-world challenges. This focus encourages students to make personal connections to their lessons and naturally illuminates relevance on a local and global level. LEARN MORE