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Academic Philosophy

At the Urban Discovery Schools our academic philosophy is rooted in educational philosophy of reconstructivism, the disposition and belief that together we can create a more just, ardent, and ideal future together. To this support this philosophy, we foster learning environments where our students consistently achieve our UDA’s learner outcomes. As an educational system grounded in continuous improvement, we:

  •  Design challenging, real-world projects that elicit passion and excitement about lifelong learning;
  • Actively engage in the design thinking process and mindset;
  • Build and model empathy by listening actively and deeply, and by communicating respectfully and authentically;
  • Develop strong relationships and a sense of belonging in the community;
  • Provide opportunities for students to solve problems collaboratively, peacefully and safely;
  • Build a positive culture which fosters student agency;
  • Value each student for their gifts while encouraging a growth mindset, emphasizing celebrations and strengths, as well as addressing challenges;
  • Develop learning opportunities which foster resilience through productive struggle and reflection;
  • Develop a shared collaborative approach to our adult-student relationships;
  • Cultivate opportunities for students to meaningfully interact and contribute to our school and community;
  • Closely monitor each student’s progress and provide differentiated opportunities for each student to progress academically and socially.