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Our Story

Urban Discovery Schools (UDS) are internationally award-winning free public schools in the heart of San Diego's downtown I.D.E.A. District. Founded in 2008, Urban Discovery has two campuses that serve students in T/K-5th, 6th-8th and 9th-12th grades. Urban Discovery Schools are thought leaders in educational innovations that are being implemented throughout the world.

Our project-based model of innovation and design thinking empowers educators and students to move away from traditional approaches and lead with a transformative model of education Urban Discovery Schools are designed to make a difference. Our mission is to develop students who actively and passionately contribute toward a better tomorrow for all of us. 



Now Accepting Applications for 2021-2022

Start and Finish STRONG with Urban Discovery Schools!

Urban Discovery Schools are looking ahead to the 2021-22 school year with the success of every student as our foremost priority. Our proven approach to virtual, hybrid and traditional classroom environments supports successful student outcomes for T/K - 5th grade, 6th - 8th grade and 9th - 12th grade.

Urban Discovery CEO Appears on TED-Ed Chats

Urban Discovery CEO Appears on #TEDEdChat about School Redesign with a Focus on Equity and Outcomes

Shawn Loescher, EdD was featured in the new TED-Ed Chats format launched on Wednesday, January 27th at 10 AM EST. The interview focused on redesigning schools for more equitable outcomes.

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