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The UDA Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 corporation, supporting organization, for the purposes of assisting Urban Discovery Schools with fundraising and auxiliary services required in the performance of UDA’s obligations and the fulfillment of UDA’s mission and purpose. To learn more about the UDA Foundation Board of Directors, click here.

Gifts to the UDA Foundation helps us prepare for the upcoming school year. The UDA Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and gifts are fully tax deductible.

Charter schools are public schools authorized by local school districts as schools of choice. Charter schools are tuition-free. Charter schools are financially autonomous, have local decision-making capability which enables flexibility, and budget independence. As a result, charter schools typically create a mission-driven educational program which flexibly serves the needs of their students.

Many charter schools have an independent governance structure. Like public schools, charter schools receive funding from state and local agencies, primarily relating to attendance of its students; however, charter schools receive less money than public schools, approximately 72¢ on the dollar.
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The UDA Foundation

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