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UDA Board of Trustees

The Urban Discovery Academy Board consists of a team selected to represent the community-at-large, the business community and educators. Board members are selected with skills and experience to match their Board responsibilities by a majority vote of the then current Board. The Board's major roles and responsibilities include establishing and approving all major educational and operational policies, approving all major contracts, approving the school's annual budget and overseeing the school's fiscal affairs, approving the school's personnel policies and monitoring their implementation, selecting and evaluating the top staff of the school, and all other responsibilities provided for in the Bylaws or the Charter necessary to ensure the proper operation of the school.

Urban Discovery Academy welcomes your attendance at our meetings. The purpose of a public meeting of the Board of Trustees is to conduct the affairs of UDA in public. Your participation assures us of continuing community interest in UDA. To assist you in the ease of speaking/participating in our meetings, the following guidelines are provided.
  1. Agendas are available to all community members.
  2. “Request to Speak” forms are available to all audience members who wish to speak on any agenda items or under the general category of “Oral Communications”.
  3. “Oral communications” is set aside for members of the community to raise issues that are not specifically on the agenda. However, due to public meeting laws, the Board can only listen to your issue, not respond or take action. These presentations are limited to three (3) minutes and total time allotted to non-agenda items will not exceed fifteen (15) minutes. The board may give direction to staff to respond to your concern or you may be offered the option of returning with a community member requested agenda item.
  4. With regard to items that are on the agenda, you may specify that agenda item on your request form and you will be given an opportunity to speak for up to (3) minutes when the Board discusses that item.
  5. Community members may request (“Community Member Agenda Request Form”) that a topic related to school business be placed on a future agenda. Once such an item is properly agendized and publicly noticed, the Board can respond, interact, and act upon the item. Please find the Community Member Agenda Request Form on the website, submit the request form to the Director two weeks in advance of the next board meeting.
The Board of Trustees meets the third Tuesday of every month. See the Board calendar for updates.
Board Agenda Item Request Form