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UDA Photography Club

Sara Kennedy
2016-2017 Year


Course Description

The UDA photography club meets once a week to learn and grow as photographers! Students use their own cameras or devices or the school iPads, and a variety of free digital resources for editing photos. We share photos, ideas, resources, and encouraging commentary via SeeSaw.

Recent Posts

¡Hola, fotógrafos!
As we come to the end of the year, we are coming to the end of photo club! Yesterday during club each student worked on picking two favorite photos to print. Depending on how many people contribute photos, we will print and mat 1 or 2 photos per student. If you did not pick two photos yesterday (or if you were not at photo club) you can still add them to this folder by this Saturday. (I will be printing them Sunday. If you would like to print out your own 4x6" photo to bring, you can do that instead!) Please name the files with your name and 1 or 2 (for first and second favorite.) 
Here's what our next two meetings will look like:
  • Next week (5/30): We will be preparing some of our photos for exhibition! I will print and bring the photos submitted to me, and we will put them into mats and hang them up.
  • Last week of school (6/6) will be our last meeting of the year. If you want to bring a treat to share feel free! Thanks to Dakota & her family who have been bringing us snacks this trimester, to prevent hangry photographers. :)
I have been so inspired by this group of young artists! If you have not already seen the work they have been sharing on our SeeSaw, click here to see your child's work and here to see our public blog.
As always, let me know if you have questions!

Photo Club Trimester 3

If you signed up for this trimester's photography club, I sent out a confirmation email to all students and parents! If you did not get this confirmation, please let me know. If you have changed your mind about participating, also please let me know - the club is full and there are others interested, so if you do not want your spot I can pass it on to someone else!
Our first meeting will be on April 4th, the Tuesday after Spring break. See all details and our schedule here.
A few updates and reminders:
  • SeeSaw: We are sharing our photos using this app that allows us to easily and safely share our learning. For new members of the club, I will send home paper instructions and codes the first week. Parents can sign up to see everything their child has shared, and we'll all share some photos publically on our blog: https://blog.seesaw.me/udaphotography
  • Cameras & Devices: If students would like to bring their own camera or device for taking photos, feel free to give it to me on Tuesday morning and I can lock it in my office until the club time. 
  • Attendance: Please let me know if you will not be able to attend or if you will be picked up early. This helps with planning, especially if we will be taking photos off campus. If you stop attending regularly, there are quite a few other students who would like to be in the club and I can pass on your spot to someone else. 
  • Pick up time: Please remember that our club is finished at 4:45pm. I am delighted to stay after school and donate my time for this club, but I do eventually need to go home or to other commitments. 
  • Snacks: Although snacks are not provided, students are welcome to bring a snack to eat during the beginning of our club. 
  • Volunteers: If parents are willing to come and help out or to walk with us on a walking field trip, please let me know. We'd love to have you!
  • Donor's Choose: I have created a project on Donor's Choose for our club, if you would like to share with family and friends! We have been focusing on free digital resources and using the devices we have access to, but this will allow us to get a few more cameras and supplies to mat, print and present our photos
As always, I am available for any questions and concerns. Thank you for being part of our club! Have a great break, and see you on the 4th!

Photo Club Updates!

Today was our last photo club of the trimester. We will not have the club during March to give time for conferences, grading marathons in teacher land, and Spring Break. We will start a new session of this club after Spring Break.
It's hard to believe that the trimester is already over!The weeks have really flown by as I've watched this group of young photographers learn and grow together. We've learned how to take good photos using the tools that we have, how to edit using a variety of free programs, and how to creatively challenge ourselves! I've been so inspired by seeing the world through my students' eyes, and I've loved seeing some of our students incorporate photography into other projects. Check out some examples of their work at our blog:


(Parents can also sign in and see all of the things their child has shared via SeeSaw.)
A few announcements:
  • Interested in joining or continuing photo club in the 3rd trimester? Details are here and our registration form is here. Deadline for applications is March 17th, and our first meeting will be the Tuesday after Spring Break.
  • UDA Photo Club members are having a photo challenge for all UDA students to submit their favorite photo! Challenge deadline is April 2nd. See more details on our posters around school!
  • Want to support our club? Our club is free and run by volunteers, so we are always looking for help from the community! Come accompany us on a photo walk, share your photo smarts, or help us get working cameras by sharing or donating to our Donors Choose project.
As always, please let me know if you have any questions!

The new UDA Photography club has met a few times so far and I'm loving working with this group of young photographers!
Here are some resources for club members:
  • Slides from class (if you were absent or if you just need to remember what we talked about!)
  • SeeSaw Student Login 
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    • "I'm a Student"
    • "Email Account"
    • "Student Sign in with Google"
    • Log in with your UDA account
  • Parent SeeSaw Login information will be sent home next week!