School Uniforms

Our Elementary School requires a specific school dress code. To see our Middle/High School dress code, please refer to the UDA Student-Parent Handbook. School uniforms provide students with a sense of pride and community. The school uniform guidelines must be followed on all school calendar days, unless otherwise indicated. Standard UDA t-shirts may be purchased from the school's front office (check or credit card preferably). Uniform bottoms can be found at many retail stores throughout the school year. If you need assistance obtaining a school uniform, just let our front office team know!

Urban Discovery School Branded Apparel


  • Short sleeve color t-shirt w/ UDA logo, available only at UDA or through the online uniform store.
  • Long-sleeve black or white only shirt w/UDA logo.
Bottoms:​ ​
  • Available in retail stores or online or through the online uniform store.
  • Black or khaki bottoms only, in the following styles: trouser style twill pant, skinny leg twill pant, walking/bermuda style mid-thigh short, box pleat mid-thigh skirt.
  • Shorts or leggings (in black or white only) MUST be worn under skirts. Leggings may not be worn alone.
  • No gym shorts, cargo-style bottoms, twirl skirts, ruffle skirts, or short shorts.
Outerwear:​ ​
  • UDA branded outerwear is only available online, so please plan ahead for cooler weather (jackets, hoodies, long sleeves). Available in retail stores or through the online uniform store 
  • Hoodies, sweaters or jackets with the UDA logo, only if purchased through the UDA store
  • Other options: hoodies/sweaters/jackets free of any patterns or imprinted logos, in solid colors; no denim jackets.
Socks​ ​&​ ​Shoes:
  • Only black or white leggings permitted under skirts.
  • Sneakers or closed toe shoes only, must be PE-appropriate.
  • No sandals, no open-toes, no heels over 1.5".
  • Other clothing adornments, including head wear, are not to be worn, except for religious purposes. Hats for sun protection or warmth may be worn outside only, unless otherwise permitted inside by the classroom teacher for specific needs.